Matthew Standish, Founder and CEO

Matthew Standish is an entrepreneur, CEO, professor, author, technical consultant to private equity firms and technical contributor to media outlets including Fox and Fox Business. Over the last 20 years his experience expanded from being a Member of Technical Staff at Bell Labs early in his career to a leading design engineer with Motorola instrumental to the Iridium Satellite Network launch at just age 25, earning accolades and speaking about the achievement all over the world. Later he worked as Chief Architect for at&t leading the design, IT integration and network implementation of the first iPhone. Matthew then shifted to a struggling T-Mobile as Chief Architect and Executive Ambassador to Deutsche Telekom, creating innovative billing solutions and leading the roll-out of 4G/5G that powers the services upon which we have all become dependent. After generating billions in revenue for the aforementioned companies, Matthew founded, attained VC funding and created IDInteract, Inc™, which he grew to over 5.6 million in just three years. At IDInteract, Matthew was recognized as Gartner’s Company of the Year (from 2013 to 2015), Entrepreneur of the Year and Red Herring’s Best New Company two years in a row; which he later sold to Teradata in 2017.

Before creating Hunuu Health, Matthew worked with Teradata using IDInteract’s Technology to enhance machine learning and predictive analytics. Most notably Matthew led AWS Cloud transitions for Nordstrom, Expedia and Orbitz improving ROI and drastically reducing computing costs. Customer journey and loyalty were new to Teradata; and Matthew’s background created the technical architecture, application and built the Cloud solutions that Teradata customers depend on.

Matthew is passionate about the contextual, sensor and behavioral data that medical applications depend on that everything from our latest F-35 fighter jets use to replacement joints feeding into AI (Artificial Intelligence) breathing life into stagnant data sets that grow exponentially to serving patients while changing the economics of health care. Matthew now develops integrated algorithms for health-tech between sensors, CRM (Epic and Cerner) and fitness devices and wearables (e.g. Garmin, Fitbit-Google and Samsung) which integrated event-based health outcomes for insurance companies, professional sports teams and multi-billion dollar health systems.

Today, Hunuu Healthis Matthew’s passion with its latest patent that provides patients, and their physicians, with real time analytics using various sensors and applying AI to identify what is now called “event-based” medicine.

Matthew is passionate about constructing patterns linked to real time personal behaviors with a focus on privacy and behavioral intelligence. He is well known for bridging the divide between marketing and “Big Data” with programs that work. He is often advises Universities such as University of Michigan’s Office of Technology Transfer, serving as a trusted advisor to cutting edge health applications and patents.

  • B.A. – Michigan State University – Business and Marketing
  • M.B.A. – Elkin B. McCallum Graduate School at Bentley University and The Wharton School of Business – eCommerce and Information Systems
  • Family – Proud father of two wonderful children, Coach and unofficial Mayor of Woodinville, WA
  • U.S. Veterans – Active leader at, founding a new venture, “TechVets” to re-train veterans with professional IT skills
  • Outreach – Christian-based youth and homeless outreach programs in the Greater Atlanta area.
  • Outreach – Founder of Parental Alienation for Families and advocate

Veteran Owned, Woman Owned, American Company

Biotech Showcase™ Winner 2023 San Francisco

Veteran Owned, Woman Owned, American Company

Biotech Showcase™ Winner 2023 San Francisco

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