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Own Your Own Health for the First Time

Health data and analytics from countless wearables and fitness Apps “trap” your critical wellness data inside your devices and behind subscription walls. These sensor tracking wearables and Apps are unable to communicate onto a single platform.   Data generated by Apps are often flawed, leading to inaccurate false positives and misleading and potentially harmful outcomes. 

We address these challenges by explicitly identifying patient needs, determine the users intent, and interact with them across multiple channels of communication.  There is not another competitor that manages this consumer value chain at scale.  In pursuit of creating a more economic way to conduct consumer interaction, Hunuu Health™ introduced a outcome-based approach to an online medical needs platform focused on the identification of consumer market patient needs followed by automatic recommendations and fulfillment for revenue conversion. Our Health Exchange™ platform is designed from the ground up to empower enterprise marketers to effectively and efficiently manage to the market patient needs curves for their health services, insurance plans and services.

Your Secure Health Advocate

Harnessing the power of Hunuu Health, users and their telemedicine physicians will have access to our Health Advocate App which is the Single Source of Truth for all historical & real-time data of health events | sensor events and your virtual advocate to improve health outcomes with your physician | dentist | specialist.

Hunnu Health’s AI platform uses real-time integration with all your sensors to supply predictive outcomes based on health records (EHRs), historical health data, sensor intelligence, DNA testing, blood tests, vaccinations, past surgeries and current health conditions.

Hunuu Health Versus the Competition

Competition: Wearables and Health Apps

Data unreliable and conflicting

Communication across Apps inaccurate

Big Tech (Apple, Google, Amazon) trust with personal health data

Expensive devices with sometimes limited reliability

Subscription fees to access your own health data

Point solutions, no one-stop shop

Hunuu Health Exchange

Patented AI technology for robust and reliable data

True communication across Apps and sensor data

Secure storage of health data

East of use for optimal consumer and client experience

The user is in control of their own data

Single Source of Truth for your Health

Veteran Owned, Woman Owned, American Company

Biotech Showcase™ Winner 2023 San Francisco

Veteran Owned, Woman Owned, American Company

Biotech Showcase™ Winner 2023 San Francisco

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