Forward Health is Regressive

Forward Health is Regressive

Trust Pilot Score: 2.5 (280 reviews) 79% negative

Google Reviews: 2.0
Privacy Score: 0.0
Hunuu Health Score: 1.2
Watch out!
  • This is a Data Play meaning ALL of your private health data is NOT Private!
  • They will and are sharing ALL of your private health data with so-called 3rd parties
  • They are actively sharing your health data with the #WEF #CDC #WHO so not just in our country but with other international power structures
  • What is there motivation? Not you!
  • Do they care about patients or patients data – Patients Data!
  • The App is terrible and poorly integrates into sensors and wearables
Patients Goals:

Goals: My entire goal for signing up with Forward was to establish better care for myself that was convenient and cost effective. Is $150 a month cost effective?

Issues: I had multiple bad experiences with MD’s and doctors offices, yet, I still was willing to give Forward a chance because their sales rep sold me on a dream service. I went into this situation with an optimistic mindset. I was transparent and vulnerable with my doctor simply to find out Forward was misrepresenting their services.

None of this actually exists!

Misrepresentations: There are many!

A positive review turned negative:

I had a great initial virtual conversation with the MD. I am happy with virtual appointments but like other reviewers there are things that could improve the app (it shouldn’t be difficult to connect Fitbit APIs and have that data fed into my Forward charts.) FAIL

Perspective: If you are actually ill or have prescriptions and high needs for contact with a doctor, this service is probably not right for you.

Question: “If you are largely healthy and don’t visit doctors much but maybe need to track health from a baseline and don’t have a lot of prescriptions this may be an option.

if you just want to have your health records kept centrally somewhere, get prompted to have labs regularly and have a doctor that can refer you to local specialists when something comes up now and again, it’s good.  BUT you don’t need another scammer from sharing your personal information with insurance companies use services like Hunuu Health that has perfected this.

DELETE Forward today.

Veteran Owned, Woman Owned, American Company

Biotech Showcase™ Winner 2023 San Francisco

Veteran Owned, Woman Owned, American Company

Biotech Showcase™ Winner 2023 San Francisco

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