Connecting a Polarized Healthcare System

Connecting a Polarized Healthcare System into a Complete Vision of Personal, Secure Health Outcomes

Hunuu Health offers the first integrated health platform
that links all aspects of a person’s wellbeing in a single system.

ATLANTA (June 1, 2023)  Americans feel like they have lost control of their personal
medical information. In fact, 81% of those surveyed are concerned about what personal
and health related data are collected, shared, and how it is used. Respondents also felt the
potential risks of sharing personal information can outweigh any benefits according to a
recent survey by Pew Research Center.

Private health records and prescriptions are released to third party data brokers who mine
and sell this information to other companies for profit, while hospitals charge fees to the
patient when requesting personal health records that are already owned. Fitness trackers and
wearables capture analytics for diet, miles, steps, heart rate recovery and more, but “trap” these vital
statistics behind subscription walls. This onetoone relationship between wearable and app is often
flawed and lacks relational context within a person’s overall health.

That’s why one Atlantabased firm is solving these problems by launching Hunuu Health, the first
integrated health platform that links all aspects of a person’s wellness together in a single platform.
Hunuu Health offers a single source of health knowledge that integrates all personal health
points into one place and is controlled by the user. Access includes medical records, health
history, vital statistics like diet, sleep, prescriptions, weight, BMI, heart rate, blood sugar,
calorie intake, exercise, mental health, sexual health, hormone regulation, and more.

“Hunuu Health offers the first patented AI technology for communication across sensors,
devices, platforms, and apps with data integrated into one robust single source,” says Matthew
Standish, Hunuu Health founder and CEO. “With this intelligence we can better predict future
health outcomes and protocols empowering individuals and families to make informed decisions
on their healthcare.”

Hunuu’s Health Platform makes it easier for users to visualize and securely store electronic health
records. Users can add DNA, blood tests, MRI scans, from multiple providers, alongside personally
generated analytical data to capture a holistic view of their current health status. Hunuu Health Single
Source of Truth technology provides that revolutionary leap in the healthcare industry creating “health
outcomes” setting free personal data that has been stuck across apps and providers, so that each
person has access to and owns all their health data in this single record for the first time.

About Hunuu Health
Hunuu Health is a familybased, AI privacy first solution. Founded by Matthew Standish, CEO
who saw a huge gap in the healthcare industry between wearables and intelligent ubiquity
across all sensors into one app. With offices in Atlanta and Greenville the company is
poised for growth. Connect Health at

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Veteran Owned, Woman Owned, American Company

Biotech Showcase™ Winner 2023 San Francisco

Veteran Owned, Woman Owned, American Company

Biotech Showcase™ Winner 2023 San Francisco

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